You will arrive at Ketchikan 'International Airport' via Alaska Air Lines Jet.  Don't let the International fool you, this is still
Alaska and the terminal is only two levels.  Pick up your luggage from the baggage carousel on the street level and go
to the Float Plane Service counter, near the baggage carousel for information about your float plane trip to Thorne
Bay.  If you are planning an overnight stay in Ketchikan they will direct you to the airport ferry for transportation.

We have contracted a Float Plane Service, Pacific Airways, to fly our customers
directly to the FLOATEL.  
The quoted fare includes round trip passage, and your first 50 pounds of luggage.  
You will be charged separately by the float plane service for any excess over 50 lbs.
at their current rate of 66 cents per pound.   
Keeping your luggage and excess to the minimum necessary will help assure you of
having your luggage on the same plane that you are flown to the FLOATEL on.  In the
past, some groups with large amounts of luggage have had to wait to get extra heavy
bags and large rod tubes until the next plane with room comes out.       
For your return to Ketchikan, you will be allowed two fish boxes (50# each) in addition to your 50 lbs of luggage per
person at no additional charge.  We have fish boxes available at the FLOATEL.  You will be charged for any excess
weight upon arrival to the Ketchikan airport.
Float plane travel to the FLOATEL will be after 12:30pm. On the day you return to Ketchikan your departure will be no later than 10:30am.  
Planning your arrival in Ketchikan by noon and your departure from Ketchikan on the way home after 1:00pm is advisable.  This will keep you from
having a long wait for the float plane or an unnecessary overnight in Ketchikan.  

Once you board your plane to come out, your 20 minute flight seeing trip up Clarence Strait to Thorne Bay will give you the chance to see some of the
natural beauty Alaska has to offer.  Land formations will include Guard Island with an abandoned Coast Guard Light House, Cleveland Peninsula to the
east (right side of the aircraft), and always Prince of Wales Island to the west (left side of the aircraft). On the way you may see whales, sea lions,
porpoise and ships of many sizes.  Your plane will land at the FLOATEL dock in south arm Thorne Bay where you will be greeted by our "red shirt" crew
that you will move into your cabin to begin your vacation with us.
To Find McFarland's FLOATEL by Road
See our
Map and Directions
By road you will arrive at the Bee Hive, our laundry and storage
building.  Park in the lot and follow the boardwalk to the cabins and on
down the dock to the
FLOATEL and Baskets and Bullets.
                                             The FLOATEL via Ferry and Road

If you choose to come to the FLOATEL by road you will board the Alaska State Ferry,
us/amhs/index.shtml, in Bellingham, Washington, or drive up
through Canada to Prince Rupert and board the ferry there.  Your destination will be
Ketchikan where you will connect up with Prince of Wales Island's own ferry, the IFA,
You will arrive on Prince of Island at Clark Bay near Hollis, a two hour drive to the FLOATEL.
In 2008 we completed a road to connect to the South Thorne Bay Subdivision road.  Give us a call before you make
your plans so we can advise you on the best way to reach the FLOATEL.
There is no public transportation at the ferry terminal.  If you don't have your own car you may want to make
arrangements for a car in Ketchikan or on Prince of Wales Island before you board the ferry.  
We may also be able to
provide you with transportation.
Please contact us about our transportation as you make your plans for your stay
with us.  Once on land, you will travel to the highway junction in Klawock and turn right on Boundary Road, following the
Scenic Byway toward Thorne Bay.  
Thorne Bay